Our teacher training centre is based in the heart of the South West in the historic city of Exeter. We work alongside our partner schools, course tutors and mentors to provide our trainees with all the skills, understanding and experience they need to become brilliant teachers ready to make their impact on the education of the next generation. Training teachers in both Primary and Secondary allows us to offer a unique perspective on children’s development and progress.

At SWTT we can offer you a learning experience that is completely different to anything else. We have low subject ratios, which allows for a more personalised approach in our sessions. The course will help you learn the theory and practice of teaching alongside enhancing your specialised subject knowledge. You will spend a minimum of 120 days training in schools, giving you real experience and insight before you have qualified. Your knowledge will be further enchanced and contextualised by both Post 16 and a Primary placement. SWTT also awards a Professional Certificate in Education (Level 6) or a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Level 7) validated by Bath Spa University. You will have the opportunity to gain Masters Credits as part of the course and over the duration of the course you will complete 3 assignments totalling 11,000 words.

SWTT SCITT was formed in 1993 with the remit of providing high calibre teachers for Exeter and South West Schools. We pride ourselves in continuing with this challenge, but also with producing teachers who teach across the country. One of the great strengths of SWTT is our ability to personalise the QTS programme and provide one to one support and challenge for each of our trainees. As a SCITT we work in collaboration with all our ITT partnership schools and Bath Spa University to run a highly regarded QTS and PGCE course. All our partnership schools play an active role within the programme.


The SWTT School centred initial teacher training course focuses on:



For Primary trainees the training begins in your “Home School” where you will be based for most of the time - and here you will develop an understanding of how schools are organised and some of the challenges they face. We believe that becoming familiar with your school at the beginning of the year is a very positive way to introduce you to the exciting challenges in the months ahead! You will spend much more time in school than other trainees on conventional PGCE programmes.


As a passionate Scientist, the SWTT course will enable you to engender in your students a genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for Science. You will discover the different ways in which students learn and how to make this an enjoyable and relevant experience for them. SWTT successfully trains Science teachers; many go on to become Science leaders.


Mathematics is a core curriculum subject that all students must study but which some are more motivated to learn than others. SWTT will support you in developing the skills to provide challenge to the most able whilst at the same time making mathematics accessible to those who need the most help.


This is the perfect time to become an English teacher. As digital developments redefine our concept of literacy, the English classroom is an exciting, creative and innovative place to be. This course will prepare you to: teach English Language and Literature at Key Stages 3-5 and build your subject knowledge, enabling you to deliver well- structured, engaging lessons.


Covering topics like game design, web design and programming, Computer Science is one of the most relevant and exciting subjects in schools, yet there is a shortage of teachers with the right skills and knowledge. SWTT is the perfect place to train to teach Computer Science and our trainees are in high-demand.


Design and Technology at SWTT focuses on developing specialisms in a number of areas, including Resistant Materials, Systems & Control, Food Technology and Textiles Technology. Trainees will have access to first- class facilities at our lead school in Exeter, where they can further their skills and knowledge.


With a strong focus on the practical, the MFL course covers the opportunity to gain extensive experience of bringing languages to life in the classroom. Covering the delivery of each of the four key skills, along with techniques to make lessons exciting, engaging and relevant, the course aims to develop outstanding classroom practitioners.


This course prepares you to teach all aspects of Geography in Secondary School. You will learn how to develop and deliver high-quality Geography education that will inspire in your students a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Good Geography teachers are always in high demand and SWTT provides the ideal opportunities to train.


The innovative PE course aims to develop effective teachers who will inspire the next generation to be physically active. Trainees will have a solid grounding in the concepts of healthy lifestyles, anatomy, performance, creativity interwoven with the relevant physical educational skills. PE trainees will be offered the opportunity to train in PE with an additional EBacc linked subject.


Music at South West Teacher Training is firmly based in the practices of our Partner Schools who have a tradition of valuing the place of Performing Arts within the curriculum. Trainees will be placed in schools where Music is taught as a valued subject and forms an integral part of children’s extra-curricular life, adding range and breadth to the curriculum. You must apply to join this course on the UCAS website. You will need to use the Provider Code S66 and the Course Code: 35KD


Drama at South West Teacher Training is situated in the practices of our Partner Schools who have a tradition of excellence in the Performing Arts. Trainees will be placed in schools where Drama is taught as a discrete and valued subject, adding range and breadth to the curriculum. You must apply to join this course on the UCAS website. You will need to use the Provider Code S66 and the Course Code 35KC/37CN