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Our Trust of Schools

ITAP with Matford Brook Academy

This week we were thrilled to be joined by Emily Simpson Horne for an ITAP (Intensive training and Practice) seminar focused on creating a culture of high expectations. The session was fantastic,  including plenty of deliberate practice with trainees encouraging each other to perfect their quality of instruction, giving 'shine' and tracking the speaker. Thank you to Ilona Weir for such great live coaching and analysing the research underpinning the techniques' success. 

"It was a great day and I could see myself and others growing in confidence as we stood up to have our go." Geography trainee 2023

"We explored Willingham's "Why Don't Students Like School?" which reiterated the importance of having the correct conditions for learning and linked with Rosenshine's principles which create that safe learning space." Computing trainee 2023