We pride ourselves on offering the best in teacher training but it's not just us that thinks so, read what our trainees said about their experience at SWTT...


"I graduated with a degree in Forensic Science but ended up working in sales. I loved my job but wanted to put my degree to use and teaching offered an excellent opportunity to re-train.

SWTT appealed to me as it offered maximum time in the classroom and was a smaller cohort than other PGCE courses. I found going straight into the classroom daunting at first, but this was a massive advantage during interviews for teaching positions, as I had been teaching much longer than other PGCE students. The two placements were both excellent, and offered a good opportunity to settle into the schools and develop my practice with experienced teachers for support.

SWTT has prepared me well for my Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year; I am in my first term and really enjoying my new job. Having spent the majority of my PGCE in the classroom means I have more resources and experience teaching, which is really helping when managing my own laboratory."


"After completing a Master's degree in Physics at the University of Exeter and doing some further research within the field I decided I wanted to use my understanding and enthusiasm for the subject to encourage and inspire the younger generation of scientists.

I decided to take the SWTT route as a large percentage of the training year was spent in school; the involvement with placement schools began right at the beginning of the course, with theory sessions running alongside the placement days.

I thoroughly enjoyed my training year, learning new techniques, discovering new fun science demos, becoming a reflecting practitioner and learning how to have an inclusive classroom/laboratory. I am also very grateful for the support, advice and time all my mentors gave me. Resilience is definitely a skill that was worked on during the year!

I am now in my third year of teaching following my PGCE and am helping run the Duke of Edinburgh Award in the school, have completed a leadership course and am in the process of organising a science trip to Disneyland Paris!"


"I am extremely happy right now, this year has meant a huge amount to me."

"I have built a fantastic network of friends and colleagues."

"The final realisation of my dreams come true."

"One of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life, where I have learnt more than at any other time."

"It has helped me develop as a person as well as a teacher. I feel ready to be a teacher now."

"This year has changed my life for the better – simple as that!"

"This year has been an overwhelmingly positive period of my life – I loved it."

"I’ve finally trained for a job that I’m proud to do."

"My future, my career, outlook, ethos, aspirations – all are the result of SWTT teaching."

"Everything – it has set me up for a lifetime in my dream-career, I could not be more grateful!"

"I’ve had a lot of FUN!"