The Design and Technology course will prepare trainee teachers across the full range of materials areas at Key Stage three. These material areas include, Control systems, Resistant Materials, Textiles Technology and Food and Nutrition. Health and safety accreditation will be undertaken and certificated for the range of material areas covered. 

You will have a specialist material area at Key Stage four, for which you will already have extensive knowledge and skills based on your previous experience and qualifications. You will be trained and supported to understand and enhance the way in which you can teach and impart your knowledge and skills to students at secondary level.

The design process will be a key area of study and will feature as a main element of the subject specific training alongside the practical aspects and machine training. You will have the opportunity to work as a group of trainee teachers to support and help each other through peer led activities and sharing of best practice observed.

You will be able to:

Develop into a strong, critically reflective, classroom practitioner, who will go on to participate in, and influence the future development of Design and Technology.


You must apply to join this course on the UCAS website. You will need to use the Provider Code S66 and the correct course code:

Subject Code

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